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Welcome to the world of exquisite tastes created by “Mahmut’s Kebab House” based on years of experience, rendering this spot the essential address for traditional tastes.

Kebab maker Mahmut who started to work at a small kebab restaurant in 1977, later on started to manage a kebab restaurant with his brothers in the early 1980. However, this first work attempt did not work as expected and the brother continued working as employees where they first started. Later on, the foundation of the place now known as Ziya Oriental Table was established in 1982 at Fatih Vatan Street on a 5 square meter shed. Their kebabs started to get known all over Turkey. They were even sent to the prime minister at that time Turgut Özal...

The founding partner of Ziya Oriental Table Mahmut BİNGÖL continues to create quality tastes with his own experience and practice by doing the managing of Ziya Oriental Table with his business life since 2009.

Let’s hear the success story of the Kebab Maker Mahmut from him :
"The kebab maker Mahmut; I’ve seen these days becasue of my determined and self sacrifcing work . I am trying to present you, my dear customers, the different tastes with an extraordinary style from the first day. I was honoured to cook and feed the guests from politic, art, sport environment and for guests from all over the world. My customer’s likings have always been my pleasure.. I thank you, my taste lover friends on behalf of my workers and myself."

Kebab Shop Mahmut; is a restaurant built on years of experiences, and a devoted foundation and traditions. We serve you from İstanbul, the most beautiful city in the world at the most central place, the Historic Peninsula Fatih. We serve you our experiences, art, traditional tastes with my friends who are specialists at their own field and successful at the service sector at our restaurant.

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We offer take-out service as well as free of charge services of our waiters on your special days as you make your purchases in bulk. As such, you can experience the quality offered by Mahmut’s Kebab House at your workplace, home, or at any other place that you desire.


Kebapçı Mahmut Brand Opens up to the World!

Regenerating the cuisine culture of Anatolian, Kebapçı Mahmut has proven its success with the concept of “Kebab & Steak” and it has achieved both national and international standard and quality.

Being the founder of “Kebapçı Mahmut” and “Ziya Şark Sofrası” and one of the most important masters of kebab, Mahmut BİNGÖL started this profession in 1977 and gained a remarkable experience in the kebab sector. He keeps making deluxe flavors with the years of experience.

Offering traditional flavors to its guest by combining East's regional flavors and the Western's delicious steak flavors, Kebapçı Mahmut entertains its guests in Fatih -the heart of Historical Peninsula- with its modern design, valet parking service, guest-greeting team, quality service that keeps customer satisfaction in the foreground.

Gaining the appreciation of domestic and foreign tourist, Kebapçı Mahmut is planning to grow in the international market with Franchising especially after the partnership offers made by foreign companies.

If you wish to become a part of these flavors and have detailed information on franchising, please contact with us via Tel No. +90 533 597 67 42 or email address.

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We place great importance on your satisfaction.

It is our sole purpose to serve you the unique tastes
in a warm environment that would make you feel as
comfortable as you do when you dine at home.


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Mahmut’s Kebab House
Address: Aksemsettin Mahallesi Vatan Caddesi No:14 Fatih - Istanbul | TURKEY

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